1 SAMPLE Chapter for Climate Reality

taught by U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

Course description

Welcome to ONE SAMPLE CHAPTER of our Sustainable Business Associate Certification program.

This chapter is specially designed for CLIMATE REALITY   to view the type of materials we are designing for the business professional. This is the first time we have provided a SAMPLE, so please let us know if there are any challenges.

This is just one sample Chapter out of 12.  Please see the list of all the chapters with the full certification module.

Note: We used a sample from our original platform, which has challenges with the bullet points. All of these have been redesigned with the newer certification.

 **Also--We are creating additional videos and podcasts to go with these chapters to enhance the variety**

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!  

Our Certification Team!

U.S. Green Chamber  of Commerce
U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce represents the voice of hundreds of thousands of small, midsized and large American businesses and global corporations who like you understand that…

• Business success and sustainability go hand-in-hand

• Shareholder value and social consciousness co-exist side-by-side

• Long-term business profits, global leadership and environmental stewardship are inseparable from each other.