Course Description

U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce’s Sustainability at Home- Personal Responsibility program will provide you the basic knowledge to develop and implement green practices in your home.

We will take you through multiple areas of sustainability such as Waste, Green Transportation and Water Conservation  and give you the tools and information to truly affect change in these areas at home. We will examine food choices, clothing purchases and travel decisions-- as they all have an impact on our environment, as well as community.


U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce represents the voice of hundreds of thousands of small, midsized and large American businesses and global corporations who like you understand that…• Business success and sustainability go hand-in-hand • Shareholder value and social consciousness co-exist side-by-side• Long-term business profits, global leadership and environmental stewardship are inseparable from each other.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Letter

  • 2


    • The Story of Stuff- 21 Minutes

    • Personal Responsibility Part 1

    • QUIZ- Personal Responsibility Part 1

    • Personal Responsibility Part 2

    • QUIZ- Personal Responsibility Part 2

    • Clothing- The Story of Stuff Project

    • Personal Responsibility Part 3

    • QUIZ- Personal Responsibility Part 3

    • CHECKLIST for Personal Responsibility

    • SURVEY- 4 quick questions- Personal Responsibility