Course Description

Welcome to the Sustainable Business Associate Certification program.

More and more business owners, managers and employees are discovering untapped cost savings and increased profits in eco-friendly operations and social engagement initiatives. These can range from simple savings by requiring fewer resources such as water and paper, to long-term savings (and revenue generators) such as installing renewable energy systems.

The Value of Certification

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce’s Sustainability Certification Program provides the foundational knowledge to build a successful sustainability platform and implement green practices in your business.

The U.S. Green Chamber’s NEW Sustainability Certification Program - Sustainable Business Associate--gives you a complete overview of social, environmental and economic sustainability practices and how to apply them in a business context. The knowledge, resources and level of understanding and skill you will gain in this program can be implemented immediately to improve, manage and develop sustainable processes, technologies, new innovations, and corporate practices that will keep your company on the cutting edge as a market leader.

A Program Designed for the Busy Professional

This e-learning Certification program is designed for the busy working professional in mind. You can start at any time and work at your own pace virtually from anywhere in the world using your laptop, phone, iPad or other devices. The natural user-friendly platform and compelling curriculum will help you quickly build a strong base level of understanding of easily implemented business sustainability concepts, using video content, step-by-step recorded Powerpoint presentations, audio recordings and downloadable PDF resources.

Be part of the solution in building a SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY.


• Gain advantage in the workplace

• Set yourself apart from others in your industry

• Be a valuable sustainability team member in your company

• Have a solid knowledge base in the sustainability space related to business

• Participate in continued e-learning opportunities

•Gain tools on how to save your company money

• Learn how to keep and retain valuable and passionate employees

• Learn easily with an engaging platform which provides videos, Power point presentations, PDF’s and audio recording

• Gauge your progress through every step with online quizzes

• Demonstrate proficiency in sustainability

• Access course content from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

• No in person meeting requirements

• No need to be online at a specific time for classes

• Notification of additional updated information

• Become an advocate for the use of sustainable practices

• No prior experience or knowledge necessary to become certified

• Developed for busy working professionals

• Network with business professionals from around the world

• Advocate for the use of sustainable practices


With our certification RECOGNITION program, you can share your new credentials with others by adding our Certification Logo and the acronym "USGCC-SBA" to your email signature, personal letterhead, or business cards. Upon completion of the course, you receive instant recognition on LinkedIn through the certificate “award” for completion of the course. Certified Sustainable Business Associates are also welcome to share it on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Beyond the benefits it provides to you, it always inspires others to also become more informed and care about sustainability.


The Certification will need to be renewed every 3 years with additional e-learning opportunities/credits. These extra courses will be provided at a substantial discount to certified professionals.


In addition to new e-learning courses coming online, you will also have the opportunity to submit your success stories with the U.S Green Chamber of Commerce's business community.



U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce represents the voice of hundreds of thousands of small, midsized and large American businesses and global corporations who like you understand that…• Business success and sustainability go hand-in-hand • Shareholder value and social consciousness co-exist side-by-side• Long-term business profits, global leadership and environmental stewardship are inseparable from each other.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Letter

    • Welcome Video

  • 2


    • Introductory Survey

    • Introduction to Business Sustainability-Leaders, Innovators, Profits, Purpose, Tactics and More

    • Quick Tip- One and a half minutes

    • QUIZ 1- Introduction to Sustainability

    • How to Go Green

    • QUIZ 2--Introduction to Sustainability

    • SURVEY- 3 Quick Questions- Intro to Sustainability

  • 3


    • Leadership and Commitment

    • Quiz- Leadership and Commitment

    • Sustainability Plan

    • QUIZ- Sustainability Plan

    • Sustainability Plan- Outline

    • Green Team and Education

    • QUIZ- Green Team and Education

    • Events, Community, and Partnerships

    • QUIZ - Events, Community, and Partnerships

    • CHECKLIST - Employee and Community Engagement

    • SURVEY- 3 easy questions- Employee and Community Engagement

  • 4


    • Why Waste Management

    • QUIZ- Why Waste Management

    • The 5R's

    • QUIZ- The 5 R's

    • RAA Recycling Toolkit Presentation PART 1

    • RAA Recycling Toolkit Presentation PART 2

    • Recycle Across America Recycling Toolkit

    • QUIZ- Recycle Across America

    • Zero Waste

    • QUIZ - Zero Waste

    • CHECKLIST - Waste, Resource, and Recycling Management

    • SURVEY- 3 Simple Questions- Waste, Resource and Recycling Management

  • 5


    • Why Green Transportation.pdf

    • QUIZ- Why Green Transportation

    • Commuting

    • QUIZ- Green Transportation -COMMUTING

    • Green Your Fleet

    • QUIZ- Green Transportation FLEETS

    • Shipping & Delivery

    • Efficient Transportation

    • QUIZ- Green Transportation- SHIPPING

    • CHECKLIST for Green Transportation

    • SURVEY- Only 3 questions- Green Transportation

  • 6


    • Benefits Energy Efficiency

    • QUIZ - Benefits of Energy Efficiency

    • Lighting Energy Efficiency

    • QUIZ- Lighting

    • Cooling Energy Efficiency

    • QUIZ - Cooling

    • Heating Energy Efficiency

    • QUIZ- Heating

    • Electronics Energy Efficiency

    • QUIZ - Electronics

    • CHECKLIST - Energy Efficiency

    • SURVEY - 3 easy Questions - Energy Efficiency

  • 7


    • Why Conserve Water?

    • QUIZ-Why Conserve Water?

    • Introduction and Saving Water Indoors

    • QUIZ- Introduction to Water Conservation and Saving Water Indoors

    • Outdoor Water Use

    • QUIZ- Outdoor Water Use

    • CHECKLIST - Water Conservation

    • SURVEY- 3 short questions- Water Conservation

  • 8


    • Introduction to Social Sustainability

    • QUIZ - Introduction to Social Sustainability

    • Human and Labor Rights

    • QUIZ - Human and Labor Rights

    • Human Rights (Diversity)

    • QUIZ - Human Rights (Diversity)

    • Product and Service Responsibility

    • QUIZ - Product and Service Responsibility

    • SURVEY- Yes, those same 3 questions :) - Social Sustainability

    • CHECKLIST for Social Sustainability

  • 9


    • Why Renewable Energy?

    • QUIZ- Why Renewable Energy

    • Solar Energy

    • QUIZ- Solar Energy

    • Hydroelectric Energy

    • QUIZ- Hydroelectric Energy

    • Biomass Energy

    • QUIZ- Biomass Energy

    • Geothermal Energy

    • QUIZ- Geothermal Energy

    • Wind Energy

    • QUIZ- Wind Energy

    • CHECKLIST for Renewable Energy

    • SURVEY -3 questions- Renewable Energy

  • 10


    • The Story of Stuff- 21 Minutes

    • Personal Responsibility Part 1

    • QUIZ- Personal Responsibility Part 1

    • Personal Responsibility Part 2

    • QUIZ- Personal Responsibility Part 2

    • Clothing- The Story of Stuff Project

    • Personal Responsibility Part 3

    • QUIZ- Personal Responsibility Part 3

    • CHECKLIST for Personal Responsibility

    • SURVEY- 4 quick questions- Personal Responsibility

  • 11


    • Part 1- Introduction to Green Marketing

    • QUIZ- Introduction to Green Marketing 1

    • Part 2- Introduction to Green Marketing

    • QUIZ- Introduction to Green Marketing GREEN GUIDES- 2

    • CHECKLIST for Green Marketing

    • SURVEY- Renewable Energy

  • 12

    Beyond Sustainability - Regenerative Economy

    • Capital Institue Introduction to First Green Bank Documentary

    • Year In The Life of First Green Bank Documentary- 25 Minutes

    • Becoming a Part of the Regenerative Economy

  • 13